I’m Aki Rose Braun. I am a nomadic developer, a feminist, and a sometimes-speaker living on the road with a home-base in southern California. I’ve been moving back and forth between front-end and full-stack development since the 90’s, including that time I worked for the President of the United States.

Most recently, I wrapped up a 12-month Tech Exchange Fellowship with Fight for the Future, working to ensure freedom of expression online for everyone. Or as I like to think of it, online shenanigans for good. My first big project with FFTF was a massive revamp of the donation process. Leaning on my background from fundraising with the 2012 Obama campaign and the Mozilla Foundation, I applied best practices to make the site faster and reduce friction. Over the winter of 2015/2016, I built a CMS system that utilizes Prose.io, github, Travis-CI, and Action Network to accept petition signatures and email list signups.

Before Fight for the Future, I spent a year working for the Mozilla Foundation in a position funded by the MacArthur Foundation. The Mozilla Foundation focuses on Web Literacy and Advocacy at a global level, with projects like Webmaker & Webmaker App in the developing world, Hive Learning Networks on almost every continent, and Mozilla Teach, encouraging anyone to start a Mozilla Web Club world-wide.

I’m most accustomed to working on the client side (HTML, CSS, Javascript), but over the past two years I’ve gotten much more comfortable with server-side Javascript (Node.js & React). I’m familiar with (and opinionated about) most popular front-end frameworks, and happy to work on the front end of pretty much any well-documented back-end language and/or framework.

Currently, I’m available for…

  • Hire for full-time front-end development
  • Short-term diverse hiring/inclusive workplace consulting
  • Consulting on building safe and inclusive communities
  • Speaking engagements in California
  • Limited speaking engagements in the Midwest
  • Worldwide speaking engagements with visa arrangement & travel compensation

Sound like a party? Shoot me an email—let’s work together.