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Polling Place Lookup Tool | BarackObama.com

The Tools

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • AJAX

  • OFA Polling Place API

  • Google Polling Place API

  • ExpressionEngine

The Details

The Polling Place Lookup Tool was the most important project I worked on during the campaign. The initial build was done by Greg Bugyis some time before early vote started. In the last two weeks of the cycle I joined Greg to help with bugs and feature requests and, if possible make it more efficient. Without impacting general functionality, I worked with Greg to tighten up the code, making it faster and more developer friendly.

Greg remained the lead developer, and the groundwork he laid kept that little web app chugging even with two hours of steady Reddit traffic: 30,000+ concurrent visitors the whole time. (Thanks, POTUS).

This application had to give 100% accurate information, so we built in a check that allowed us to simply switch a boolean at the request of the data team, which would either change the source of a polling place’s data or disable it altogether.