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Mozilla End-of-Year Fundraising | Mozilla Foundation

The Tools

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • Grunt

  • BSD

The Details

See it on GitHub: https://github.com/mozilla/bsd-forms-and-wrappers

I’m not gonna lie—a lot of this comes down to inspiration from these blog posts by my former coworkers from the Obama campaign. We built a spruced-up version of our original donation form, as well as a sequential form, with design inspiration from the final version of the Obama “Contribute” form. The A/B test was pretty clear. Sequential wins! Lesson learned? Get everything out of the way and just let people give you money.

The CMS we used to accept our donations, BSD, doesn’t have any methods of upload or version control—it’s all paste all the time. To work around this, we created a git repo for any and all code that was going to be pasted into the CMS.

Our next challenge would be manual testing. The only realistic option the CMS gave was to do it live. To get around that, we used grunt-bake to compile the various partials we needed for a given page. It’s a convoluted solution, but the best we could do given our constraints and push to get a/b testing started.

Ultimately, we raised about $3.19 million—nearly double our $1.75 million goal.