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Own Your Vote Wisconsin | Organizing for America - Wisconsin

The Tools

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • Jekyll

  • BSD Tools

The Details

This microsite targeted Wisconsin voters for the gubernatorial recall election in 2012. Voter ID laws were being battled in the courts, so the site’s requirements included the ability to rapidly respond, rewrite, or rebuild—immediately—as needed. This required meticulous coordination with Wisconsin state staff, the Obama for America campaign legal team, and designer Daphne Karagianis.

The whole site was built in Jekyll and hosted in an S3 bucket behind CloudFront. Static site generators were a relatively new concept at the time (yes, Jekyll first emerged in 2008—that doesn't mean it was well-known,) and posed the challenge of having nowhere to implement server-side code such as Apache or, my preferred back-end language at the time, PHP. It was the first time I had to re-frame my thinking around which features I do or do not actually need. It also got me hooked on static site generators, especially Jekyll.