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Recurly Marketing Site | Recurly, Inc.

The Tools

  • HTML

  • HAML

  • CSS

  • LESS

  • Sass

  • Javascript

  • Jekyll

  • Nginx

The Details

This site was a constant work in progress as we embraced the values of agile development, and regularly optimized or redesigned another page or set of pages.

One of the first things I did when I arrived at Recurly was to open a pull request with more than 15,000 lines deleted, cleaning up old and unused code. Then I moved the CSS on to a preprocessor in the slow but sure slog towards The Sass Way.

The next step was moving the entire PHP site to a simpler Jekyll build. I submitted a PR to get some opinions, and we ended up merging it in. The site is way faster now, and after a few Nginx tweaks, everything routes quite smoothly.

In the summer of 2013, our designer Bekka Reese, started updating pages on the site, starting with the home page, to give it a more modern and compelling look. Building it out wasn’t easy because she had done a great job and put serious thought into every element—but with UX designer Zac Halbert swooping in like a super-hero, we managed to get the finished, responsive, result out the door. As we continued reworking the site page by page, we brought coder & designer Adam Kirkwood on board to boost our output.

I worked closely with both Marketing and Ops to ensure we didn’t suffer any SEO hits for the changes, and make sure each page was optimized for search engines without being a keyword assault on the visitor.