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Rock Against the TPP | Fight for the Future

The Tools

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • less

  • GitHub Pages

  • Travis-CI

The Details

At Fight for the Future, we knew we had to do something about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade bill that was negotiated with the help of, and in the interest of, corporate lobbyists. Due to our small staff size and commitments outside this one issue, any and all planning had to be done as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

While Evan Greer led up the effort to organize the logistics of a massive free concert series, I got to work attempting to produce the most future-proof website I could—expandable, editable by non-programmers, and highly tolerant of changes in format from city to city.

As I was building the site, only one event had a confirmed city, venue, and date. I made the decision to balance the needs of right now and the needs of the future by only front-loading the templatizing process in some small ways. That gave me the opportunity to recreate event pages quickly, without investing too much time in details that would ultimately be changing dramatically from city to city.