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savesecurity.org | Fight for the Future

The Tools

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • less

  • Prose.io

  • GitHub Pages

  • Travis-CI

The Details

When Apple made the decision to fight the FBI’s demand that they produce a version of their operating system that was able to bypass hardware encryption, Fight for the Future felt absolutely compelled to support them. As a result we started a weeklong crunch session, building out, ultimately, three versions of the Save Security site. The infrastructure aspect was a piece of cake thanks to the campaign boilerplate I had begun a month or two earlier.

The infrastructure strategy behind the campaign boilerplate in general and Save Security in specific was to utilize GitHub Pages for free hosting. Because it was important that non-technical campaign staff have the ability to make edits and changes, we used Prose.io as a presentation layer for the editing process. After any merge or commit to the production branch, Travis-CI would