Be excellent to each other isn’t enough

I met Dylan Cromwell at dotJS 2014 on a rainy day in Paris. We talked about our backgrounds and the pleasures of mentoring/teaching within the tech industry. I was busy working on Webmaker, bringing web literacy to the world. He told me about a program he had started at Sociomantic to offer training sessions on a wide variety of topics for all staff to participate in. He invited me to share what I was working on, and see if we could organize an opportunity to speak to Sociomantic staff.

I worked with Heidi Higginbottom, to find a good time and format, and sent off a few different abstracts I was working on. Dylan ended up choosing the one closest to my heart, focussed on building an environment of inclusiveness.

"Be excellent to each other" Isn't Enough
Many of us aren’t aware of the ways we leave others feeling left out or unwelcome. Let’s have a conversation about what “microaggression”, “invisible illness”, and “homogeneity” really mean, and how we can make sure that those behaviors aren’t welcome in our workspace.