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webmaker.org | Mozilla Foundation

The Tools

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • LESS

  • Angular

  • Grunt

  • Node

  • Nunjucks

The Details

See it on GitHub: https://github.com/mozilla/webmaker.org

Webmaker is a suite of tools, fully localised in 20 languages and partially localised in at least 55 more, designed to help the whole world become more web-literate. The Web Literacy competencies cover getting online for the first time, learning how to code, and everything in between.

When I first started at Mozilla, webmaker.org was in a state of transition. The team was in the process of moving it, page by page, from a server-side generated Express site with Nunjucks templating to an Angular.js-based single-page app. Working on that transition was a fantastic way to learn Angular, and soon we transitioned other services the same way, including Webmaker Profile and Webmaker Events.