Gina's Emerald Hoodie

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i didn't do a swatch and now i hate this beast.

Pattern adjustments:


Instead of doing them as directed, do the no-sew way!

  1. pick up 6 stitches at the top of the shoulder
  2. st st, slipping the first stitch, and picking up and knitting 2 sts from the armhole at the end of every row
  3. when row has 26 stitches (end of knit row), continue picking up and knitting all the way around. when you reach the bottom of the armpit, place marker. 46sts
  4. join in the round, knit to marker. this is the new row start
  5. decrease row: k1, k2tog, k until 3 sts remain, ssk, k1
  6. k 1 rows
  7. repeat steps 5-6 until row is 30 sts
  8. decrease row: k1, k2tog, k until 3 sts remain, ssk, k1
  9. k 3 rows
  10. repeat steps 8-9 until row is 20 sts
  11. k until piece reaches wrist
  12. Hands:
    • Left Arm:
      • k2p2, repeat for 6cm
      • k2, bo2 in pattern, k2p2 until marker
      • k2, co2, k2p2 until marker
      • k2p2 for 4 more cm, bo in pattern
    • Right Arm:
      • p2k2, repeat for 6cm
      • p2k2 until 4 sts remain, bo2 in pattern, k2
      • p2k2 until bo sts, co2, k2
      • p2k2 for 4 more cm, bo in pattern

Kangaroo pocket:

  1. Pick up 16 sts from about 7cm below the hood start
  2. 15 rows
  3. p3, k10, p3
  4. k3, p10, k3
  5. p3, k10, p3
  6. k3, p10, k3
  7. pk3, pu1, k10, pu1, k3, 18sts
  8. p18
  9. k18
  10. p18
  11. k3, p14, k3
  12. k3, pu1, p12, pu1 k3, 20sts
  13. p3, k14, p3
  14. k3, p14, k3
  15. k18
  16. p3, pu1, p14, pu1, p3, 22sts
  17. pick up 1st from the body of the hoodie & k2tog, knit to last st, pick up & k2tog as before
  18. as above, with p sts
  19. repeat 16
  20. repeat 17
  21. on a separate needle, pu 22sts from hoodie body, kitchner stitch together to bo