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note to recruiters: I only accept remote positions.

A wholly incomplete list of things I already know

(but I’m always excited to learn more!)

Highlighted Projects

Fight for the Future Tech Exchange Fellowship | since July 2015

I joined Fight for the Future in August 2015 as a Mozilla Tech Exchange Fellow, and in doing so found myself wandering back into the realm of full-stack development. Node.js (+ Express.js) really gave me the opportunity to expand my skill set and, perhaps every front-end developer’s dream, program my own API endpoints.

Mozilla Foundation | March 2014 – March 2015

Everything we did was Javascript-based, so lines between front-end and back-end developer were blurry, giving me the opportunity to really dig into Node.

Recurly, Inc | March 2013 – March 2014

Worked on both the Marketing site, and the App, which was in the process of being broken down from monorail to SOA.

Obama for America | December 2011 – November 2012

Front-end development on barackobama.com team, primary developer for ownyourvotewi.com. Our work helped to re-elect the 44th president of the United States. Jeff Eaton says I should just mic drop right there.

Johnson Creek Enterprises | February 2009-November 2011

The only tech person in a young manufacturing company, I coded and oversaw our commerce and marketing sites, planned and integrated vendor systems like order management (SaaS) and ERP (licensed), and took control of project management for any technical undertakings.

See many more projects I’ve put my fingerprints on: akibraun.com/fingerprints